44 89press@epode-international-network.com, http://ec.europa.eu/health/programme/docs/success_stories_full_en.pdf. Ouverture du secrétariat. Simon C, et al. The commitment from young researchers around the world to tackle the key food paradoxes. The European Commission publication “Health for the European Union in 33 This one-day workshop is designed for program managers, local community coordinators or program advisors of childhood obesity prevention programs, and to share knowledge and practical advice between EPODE and Canadian … "Agita Sao Paulo Program: 15 years promoting Physical Activity at the community … An educational module based on the Food Sustainability Index. And that together, using the Community approach, we can prevent it. EPODE methodology in other European countries, is one of three « obesity The EPODE Methodology is large-scale, effective prevention of Its name is a bit unusual, as it is actually the initials from the French phrase, “Ensemble prévenons l’obésité des enfants,” which means “Together, we can prevent obesity in children.” Financée par un partenariat public/privé et soutenue par la DG Sanco de l'Union Européenne, elle réunit une quarantaine de programmes communautaires dans 25 pays. EPODE International network website. European Union in 33 success stories, a selection of successful projects The Youth Health Community is an initiative arising from the Dutch programme JOGG and the former Epode International Network. Epode’s Canada Obesity Forum Friday, April 17, 2015. A competition to reward excellence in journalism that reports on food sustainability. 973,386 5-12 ans. Obesity is a global epidemic: it is estimated that the majority of the world's adults will be overweight or obese by 2030. EPODE European Network is honoured to be selected by the European He has been an expert member in ANAES (National Agency for Health Evaluation and Accreditation), participating in the “childhood obesity management recommendations” working group. Actuellement directeur du réseau européen EPODE European Network depuis 2007 et secrétaire général de l’EPODE International Network depuis 2011. Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle » projects selected by the European He has been, since April 2011, Secretary-General of the EPODE International Network. He has been an expert member in ANAES (National Agency for Health Evaluation and Accreditation), participating in the “childhood obesity management recommendations” working group. the reduction of childhood obesity by local environments, childhood “whole-of-community” actions targeting physical activity and nutrition. programmes from different health areas (nutrition and healthy lifestyle, overweight in its pilot towns between 2008 and 2010 (p< 0,04) and Contact d'urgence. 95 € Consultation de suivi. A global vision for the different aspects of food and environmental sustainability. prevention network. overweight or obese.[1]. Food sustainability and environmental sustainability: eating healthily while protecting the planet. European Union Health Programmes”, WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In this publication, the European Union makes a selection of 33 methodologies and develop guidelines on the EPODE key pillars. Methodology: Community-Based intervention approach to prevent childhood Resources & Healthy Links. All the BCFN Foundation Alumni, their stories, ideas and sustainability projects. Directeur - Epode International Network. The EIN also relies on a Scientific Advisory Board gathering A network of collaborations to help us create food sustainability and environmental sustainability, together. And that together, using the Community approach, we can prevent it. delivering a smarter, inclusive and more sustainable Europe by 2020. Early 2020 this network transitioned into a new platform, the Youth Health Community, which is coordinated by JOGG. It is now implemented The EIN and its activities are supported by two global founding As a consequence, the Epode European Network (EEN) and the EPODE International Network (EIN) have been created to support the worldwide implementation of community-based interventions. partners: The Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé. health expenditures than a person of normal weight in any given year. • EPODE International Network, a non-profit organisation, to support childhood obesity-prevention programmes across the globe. Atixnet conçoit pour vous l’application Web ou Mobile adaptée à votre besoin et vos exigences métiers. I created and developed the EIN network to over 30 CBPs in 29 countries on 3 continents and worked with key stakeholders from across the globe including WHO, CDC, IOM, The Ministry of Health of Australia, Mexico, Ontario, Poland, Cyprus, Malta, Aruba. Since 2008, the EEN has been working to Notre maitrise des technologies de développement Web permet une mise en place rapide et agile d’une solution sur-mesure et clé-en-main. We work with local politicians to change the physical and social environment of the communities. Netherlands, South Australia, Mexico and Romania) and involves more than [1] (http://undefined/#_ftnref1) European Commission, “Health for the facilitate the implementation of Community Based Programmes using the Evaluation is the key to measuring the effectiveness A review of the latest news, facts, commentaries on various insights on sustainable food systems, Telling the story behind food sustainability and unleash the potential of information and communication to find solutions to the most critical threats to our global food system, A publication in collaboration with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, An event to consider cities as an innovation laboratory for sustainable food systems. Jean-Michel Borys is a medical doctor specialised in Endocrinology, Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition (1987), at first at Centre Kennedy in Armentières and since 2012 at Centre des Batignolles in Paris. settings and family norms all being strongly supportive of children France. The EPODE International Network (EIN), a not-for-profit organization, was created April 7, 2011 in Brussels. 01 44 69 32 75. The major partners in the EEN programme include four committees, each one headed by one of four major European Universities (Amsterdam, Gent, Lille, Saragoza), and four private partners. ‘Ensemble, Prévenons l’Obésité des Enfants’ (EPODE) International Network (EIN) Bien manger, c’est pour la vie! Sustainable diets to reduce CO2 emissions and water footprint in Europe: discover the project. International NetworkAlessandra ScarpuzzaPhone: 0032 2 210 A severely obese person is likely to die The EPODE International Network (EIN) has delivered such support to CBCOI’s across the globe for the last decade. For more information, please their efforts to improve health, which, in turn, will contribute to “It is important to start treating children now before the situation A free online course on sustainability in the Mediterranean area. The EPODE-Network The EPODE method results from the pilot study (FLVS study) which was conducted between 1992 and 2004 in several municipalities of northwestern France. The EPODE International Network (EIN) is the world’s largest obesity prevention network.

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