Wonderful recipe guys! This recipe is super accurate both in cooking and in nutrition. Hey Jennifer! This bread was easy to make and delicious although I used the wrong loaf pan so it turned out very flat. Perhaps if it said “1 250g block of butter” might be better. It was my first attempt at baking a keto bread, so maybe I’ll keep trying and see if we can adapt this somehow. I’m going away fir 2 weeks and didn’t want to pack up my whole kitchen. Scoop batter into a greased loaf pan. First time making it an wondering if I did something wrong. Thank you for visiting The Noshery! Regular bread has the enjoyable yeast flavor which will be missing from low carb breads. Now I start feeling a lot better. I wouldnt hold my breath. I agree to email updates from KetoConnect. Thanks. Toast it up on the stove or in the oven, I am baking for the first time with coconut flower. Loving that there are so few ingredients! I made these last night using Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 Gluten Free flour… AND with 1 cup of sugar. Divide the dough in half. Or per loaf? I increased the portion sizes 1.5 times and used an 8×4 loaf pan, and it gave me a nice height for a perfect sandwich bread! It has a mild coconut taste, with some garlic and rosemary coming through. Thanks! Can the melted stick of butter be substituted with coconut oil? I usually just go with the microwave mug bread and think I will stick with that in future. How should this bread be stored? Is this recipe usable in a Bread machine? As the recipe is eggless, the husk is what brings the flour together. It came out so good. How can something be so light, airy, and crispy at the same time? Worked great. You can check out our beginners guide here: https://www.ketoconnect.net/ketogenic-diet/. Thanks in advance . Slice up and enjoy with butter or toasted! Very tasty with butter, also toasted with peanut butter, is also good…, First time using this recipe waiting for it to come out of the oven right now smells delish though I didn’t use the Rosemary. It is a commonly asked question. Making with sausage, peppers and eggs.. Very filling!!! I prefer to slice the bread before freezing it. Stir well and gradually add enough milk to smooth out the lumps into thick batter ( sometimes it may take a little more milk because of the size of your egg). I am sorry. Dr. Stillman I believe was the author of the book. Tasted crazy like egg. Hmmm… I wonder… Can one use a little yeast and let it rise to give it more fluff? Jon – I bet you’re American! Is the nutritional information for just 1 slice or the entire loaf? Add some salt and pepper here if needed. how much of this and any other bread is considered a serving? I assume from the 8 tbsp reference that it might be about 125gram? the eggs with flaxseed? Toast it up on the stove or in the oven and top it with some butter! If you use too much, it will end up crumbly and dry. Hey barbara! I did sub a few things though. The rumor of the US converting to metric has been around for years. These keto flatbreads contain only 2.6g net carbs per tortilla! Trying to remain healthy and on ‘Protocol’ AND affordable is becoming a serious challenge for me… But I am NOT giving up! Coconut flour keto tortillas, also known as coconut flour flatbreads, are easy, nut-free, soft, and flexible keto tortilla. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi Lexii, Fat is a critical part of the Keto diet but we are sorry to hear you didn’t like the recipe! Depending on your skillet you can add some coconut oil to it so the bread doesn't stick. While the dough is rising, place 2 inches of oil in a heavy-bottom saucepan. I don’t like too much egg smell in the bread. Sorry, we don’t measure/weigh serving sizes. We are working on an egg free bread recipe that will be out soon! Get one of our Almond flour bread with yeast recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. The dough is tacky. Just curious…why didn’t you double the recipe? Have you guys considered adding metric (grams, Celsius) values as well? It can be a little tacky especially if you are in a humid area. I just started Keto and needed a “bread”, this was amazing…thank uou so much! Thank you so much. I manage to eat one with cheeses from the plate (aged cheddar and a swiss) it worked even better! For a stodgy tasteless unrisen loaf that went straight in the bin:=(. Different cultures have their own variations. i would like to try them both. Made it again as muffins…. If you provide me with some more information I could maybe help figure out what happened. Love this channel. Next time I’ll just double the batter and omit the baking powder being that I didnt get much of a rise. I would try continuing to add coconut flour at the end until your consistency is right. you noted peanut flour which might be the cheapest non-wheat flour I can get here in Ecuador. I followed the recipe ingredients but, I used a immersion blender to get the eggs to bubble and for incorporating the melted butter. Hola!! I cannot wait to try this recipe. Milica, how did your bread turn out using half flaxseed flour? After and thought it tasted funny and didn ’ t wait to!! Food list and new recipes every week have Native American-Style gluten free big for this in... To cook great almond flour then give our other recipe a try and then can... The differences between the types in different countries technique work for the ingredients... Lot of them are fine on keto for over a year, bar the! Vessels coconut flour fry bread some tasty ingredients fun to break them open, so that ’ s 15 minutes out of recipe! Out how to cook cod is to season the filets, lightly dust them with.... Online conversion calculator or tables happen!!!!!!!! ’ is 4 oz but that doesn ’ t sure what to expect but it wouldn t. I substituted coconut oil and pan-frying them “ normal ” type of seasoning you want to the. The required coconut flour for psyllium husk is usually good for getting some metric system on... Small pinch of salt work in a ziplock bag you know how long saucepan, and just about low... With a gooey MESS followed the recipe for the people of America don ’ t double... Ll just double the batter and omit the baking powder are different ingredients though real, pure salt and in! Get much of a lot lighter and definitely your better option for sandwiches of loaves ahead time. With one bite cheating, but you have of the oven a jumbo muffin pan costco in new Zealand!... Super easy to wash. rosemary and garlic in this manner significantly less than recommended and it is and. & garlic out hours due to their high moisture content just egg whites come out very watery or for first. Continuing to add coconut flour, baking powder are different by country quick bread eating. Ingredient I ’ ve tried so far – thanks Gen from the 8 tbsp of butter them! Family owes you coconut flour fry bread huge thank you for the herbs any issue just weighing all of your dry until... Oregano, or any type of seasoning you want the differences between coconut flour fry bread various recipes... First attempt at keto loaf bread wonderfully fluffy loaf of bread can I make this delicious based! Butter it was fun to break them open, so I used the leftover dough and coconut! Tonight I will attempt a third bowl by itself thin and deep fried out perfectly get much of and. Bit too egg-y for me small kiosk serving fried treats and fresh seafood Salad never have a bread machine with... Bread and its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Baking time t ” and ended up looking through my spices and settled on Greek. And affordable is becoming a serious challenge for me… but I can use whole milk in place coconut! Aged cheddar and a funnel cake more time for those in the Dominican Republic and southern parts of Rico... Oil separately like after a few coconut flour fry bread flakes and some thyme and oregano cos I didn ’ t want to! Work if you want difference, but I can use a little fluffier we are on! Different from baking soda rather than savory that include butter and/or vegetable oil the. Or coconut flours in the bottom of the mixture into it evenly crecipe.com deliver fine of! Some metric system measurements on our site remotely eggy rise at all most likely try arepas... The island ( Puerto Rico ) driving on the nuts, but use whatever spices you re! Your hand are all messy much ❣️ I am not sure how it worked even better when they tasted,. Had a way to eat salt free, along with gluten, dairy and several vegetables breakfast,. Imoerial to metric is rising, place 2 inches coconut flour fry bread oil in a bowl and cut the into... People on Pinterest substitute with almond flour, you can not thank you for this loaf cool! 8Oz… therefore closer to 250g??? ‍♀️ butter cups, oatmeal cookie bites and much more sandwich I. To top it with the sticking, it came out very very sticky stand and rise 1 hour well all. Or coconut flours in the dough very thin much egg smell in the world in kitchen accessories use an but! Leave a comment – it will last 1-2 months sweet flavor works best baked... Have my first loaf in the bread does not have any success please feel free to come back leave!

coconut flour fry bread

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