Product presentation . 5.0 out of 5 stars Adam A3X Review. The German manufacturer seems to not have compromised the manufacturing quality when lowering the price. The shipping costs are calculated on the … SPL per pair at 1 … Built from MDF with a high-quality tapered plastic covering, these speakers look great and feel like they are cut from the same cloth as their more expensive Adam … Another thing in its favor is the price of the A3X. The tweeter level can be tweaked from the back of the monitor by adding or subtracting +/-4dB in level. This setup can be considered if the balanced XLR connector can’t be used or in a consumer setup where an audio source (CD, mp3 player, or computer output) is connected directly to your monitors. On the rear panel you have a balanced XLR input plus an unbalanced RCA input. Reviews . I have the Adam A3X's in a relatively small sized room (~8x12'). The first amazing deal I see used between Yamaha HS 7, Adam A7, Presonus Eris 8, KRK Rokit 8 (or maybe 6 which sounded nice), Event 20/20, or Mackie HR824 --- WINS! Let's have a closer look... We were surprised by the size of the speaker when we unpacked it. You'll also have to pay attention to your position in front of the speakers: the sweet sport is not as wide as with the other monitors we tested, maybe because of the ribbon tweeter. This is meant to be used to fine-tune your speakers to the acoustics of your room. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Adam Audio T5V is a more popular studio monitor, based on its 10+ reviews… 5.0 out of 5 stars Adam A3X Review. So I’ve updated the body text but not the headline, so not to disrupt the Google indexing :-P] ... A3X was enough to make (an aspiring music producer in the making like) me feel sick! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cash's voice sounds closer to the listener with the Focals, but the guitar sounds brighter with the ADAMs. $255. I mainly use my Adam… In comparison, the ADAMs' mid range seems to be way back. Lou's vocals seem closer and more present with the Focals. We can express our reservations about the accuracy of the low-frequency range, which is a bit imprecise, and the weak mid range (compared to the high-frequencies). ($299 street each; www.adam … The settings allow you to adjust the gain of the tweeter (-/+4dB) and nothing more. The ride cymbal has a sharper attack with the CMS; in general, dynamic response and transients are more faithful. The hi-hat sound is very different with both speakers: the ADAMs have a much brighter sound. Normally I have my pair of Adam A3X as my studio monitors, connected directly to my audio interface and they give more than enough volume when set at 0dB in the amplifier and no boost or cut on the tweeters. The baffle of these monitors can definitely fit on any desktop and thanks to their ported design low frequencies can be well represented. It's in the top 3 bestselling studio monitors and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as IK Multimedia iLoud MTM or Mackie CR8-XBT.. Adam Audio A3X … Price engine . It's the ADAM mini-me! Home. We compared the ADAM A3X with three other speakers: the M-Audio DSM1, the Tannoy Reveal 601A and the Focal CMS 40. Share This Post … REVIEW: ADAM Audio T7V vs. AX7 studio monitors. A3X series. The ADAMs have more "air" but the stereo image seems overemphasized and the high frequencies are way too upfront. Every company that makes studio monitors has its own idea about what’s most important in speaker design, and for my tastes, the designers at ADAM … | By Tristan Carmichae l Musixon MAG. Music Producer and Sound Engineer based in London, UK, Website: –  Instagram: @cbricius  – Twitter: @CBricius. Today we take a look at the Adam A3X Studio Monitors and the Adam Artist Sub 7 Subwoofer! It does feature a stereo-link feature, where one speaker can act as a master volume control for a pair. January 5th, 2012 by Justin Colletti. I tried several brands, but when I heard Adam A3X I knew I had a winner. My budget is 400 to 500€. The result was that, even though I always try to time my listening sessions, I found myself being able to push those periods a bit further without feeling too tired. Tracking and editing can definitely be done on headphones, and you can even start the mixing process on them. The A3X is the smallest and most affordable model in the AX monitor line, which all use the company’s X-ART … Now we turn to Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl". Nevertheless, the ADAM A3X is without a doubt the best compact speaker in this price range. Buy ADAM … Straight out of the box, the compact design is a thing of utilitarian beauty. Now, it's time to listen to our first song, "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, to compare the ADAM A3X ($600/pair) with the Focal CMS 40 ($800/pair). With Metallica's "Enter Sandman" the Focals show their lack of low frequencies so that the bass guitar and the resonance of the toms stay in the background. Although you'll have the impression that the CMS 40 sound "boxy," at first, in the end they seem more linear than the ADAM. The ADAM Audio AX series is widely popular in the audio industry with the most noticeable icon of the bunch, the A77X (bottom center), with the A5X (left), A3X (top center), and A7X (right). ADAM Audio is yet another newer boutique European (German) audio company that produces a variety of Mid/Hi-Fi speakers and other ancillary audio products. If you want to control your listening volume from the speakers themself you could do it as well. ADAM Audio A3X Particularly interesting for the quality-conscious user on a tight budget is the most compact monitor of the AX-Series, the A3X. Protected: TEGELER AUDIO MANUFAKTUR – MAGNETISMUS 2, Width and Depth with EQ – Mixing & Mastering, What does a music producer do? But eventually, you will need a pair of trustworthy monitors to check your music on to. I've gone to Guitar Center to listen to the Yamaha, Mackie, Tannoy, KRK and other studio … The A3X is currently their smallest powered … During the soft intro both monitors have quite the same response, but as soon as Michael's voice comes in, we noticed a lack of low-mids with the ADAMs. On Miles Davis’ “Seven Steps to Heaven,” the double bass seemed shier with the Focals but the trumpet sounded smoother and warmer than with the A3X. The overall mix is more hollow with the A3X, while high-mids are more accurate with the CMS 40. The bass sounds more "boomy" with the ADAMs and it is less intelligible than with the Focals. They are almost the same size and, besides, Audiofanzine already published a review on the CMS 40. Adam A3X's - LOWS 9/10 - MIDS 8/10 - HIGHS 8/10 Eve Audio SC 203 - LOWS 8/10 - MIDS 9/10 - HIGHS 7/10 ... Read all 73 reviews. However, it's slightly bigger than another speaker we tested not so long ago, the Focal CMS 40. Read user reviews for Adam Audio A3X-Sub7 Studio Monitor Bundle and see over 325,000 product reviews at The manufacturing quality is flawless and the speaker seems quite rugged. And what about the double bass on "Walk on the wild Side"? On the other hand, the ribbon tweeter seems to be exactly the same as the high-frequency drivers used on the other speakers in the series, which is very good news! The A3X provides no additional acoustic adjustment possibilities, which would come in very handy. Top 8-inch active monitor speaker sets for 700€, A review of the Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube, Breaking the rules is standard procedure for producer/engineer Sylvia Massy, A bit of masking in the low end, and the mids are a bit weak. Tweet. With the first listening, the ADAMs seemed to produce more low frequencies than the CMS 40, but as time went by, we noticed that the Focals deliver a more detailed mid range with an atrophied but more intelligible low range. I was trying to make me a small home studio, and it came within the budget. Very useful. 6 user reviews on ADAM A3X. The last Adam studio monitors we tried was the S2V ... As noted in the S2V review, the HPS waveguide delivers a broad horizontal sweet spot but is more restricted vertically. The bass drum seems to be less controlled and a bit softer with the ADAMs, while the Focals reveal a very dynamic response and produce punchy transients. ADAM HAS a reputation for making quality monitors for the pro audio market. The power switch is on the front panel (way more practical than on the rear), as well as the volume control. Equipment Forums. … On the other hand, the Adams sounded a bit flattering to the ears in the middle-high frequencies. As specified earlier, balanced or unbalanced cables can be used for connecting your speakers, and the built-in amplifier has a volume knob in the front of the monitors for matching the stereo signal. ADAM; AX; A3X; Reviews; Very good speakers + ADAM A3X. The mids are a bit weaker, especially compared with the CMS 40. Something to have in mind when mixing but that can probably be worked around by listening to some reference tracks to get used to them. But … A 50 Watts RMS built-in amplifier drives a vertical two-way system with a 4.5’’ carbon fibre woofer and ribbon X-ART tweeter that gives a frequency response of 60Hz to 50kHz. Kettledrums have more depth with the ADAMs, while the Focals reproduce almost only the sound of the skin. You can link the volume control of the two speakers so that you can set the volume of both with only one control. I started looking online for different options. After sorting a list with a few candidates, I decided to go to a music store to check them in person. I’ve been a fan of ADAM speakers for years. Thus, the following is partly the same as in the Focal review. Claiming to allow longer listening sessions with fewer signs of ear fatigue I found it very interesting especially for mixing. Although only getting as low as 50Hz, I would always suggest doing the final listening in a larger set of speakers (or getting a sub-woofer) that cover all the audible frequency spectrum. Adam A3X or Genelec 8020A ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Before these, I would have to redo my mixes significantly when transitioning from the small cheapies to the big “real ones.” The ADAM Audio A3X’s save me a step by providing both great sound … An ADAM speaker for under $300? This is the … Definitely the Adam speakers are a great candidate if you are looking for a small to medium size monitors. On the other hand, the snare drum cuts better through with the ADAMs. With the launch of the new AX Series, which replaced the previous budget A Series, ADAM extended its range adding two new speaker sizes: the big A8X with an 8.5" woofer (tested by MattKorma) and the small A3X we want to review today. Cables, Power, Tweaks, Speakers, Accessories (DBT-Free Forum) ... Heres a review of the adams. On Miles Davis' "Seven Steps to Heaven," the double bass seems shier with the Focals but the trumpet sounds smoother and warmer than with the A3X. A few years ago I started building my home studio, and one of the first things that I needed to do was to choose a pair of monitors. I decided to write an ADAM A3X Review since I have been using it myself. I have to confess that I was a bit skeptical about how good the low end would translate through the A3X due to their small size. But the A3X allows you to do more. A suberb setup for your home studio. Musixon is an online community of music producers, sound engineers, and musicians from all over the world. The ADAM Audio A3X is a popular nearfield monitor found in home and project studios worldwide. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The trickle down technology from ADAM’s top models ensures the T5Vs offer exceptional insight into your sounds and mixes at a price previously unheard of in pro-audio. €217.24. With the ADAMs, the attack of the double-bass notes is a bit inhibited by the resonance of the body, which is not the case with the CMS 40. Smooth clarity, frequency response, and dynamic range. Review: ADAM A5X Nearfield Studio Monitors. Specially designed for studio environments with limited space, the A3X … The crossover frequency is set at 2.8 kHz and the input accepts signal levels up to +14dB (input sensitivity). Classified Ads. In a standard studio setup where your audio interface or console has some monitoring section, you would use the balanced XLR connection, setting the volume knobs at 0dB for optimal operation level, and control your listening level from your main volume. 360 euros a pair, they are small, but for me it's enough. I've gone to Guitar Center to listen to the Yamaha, Mackie, Tannoy, KRK and other studio … I am running them through a FiiO E17 DAC. Prices starting at $350 Average price: $400. The very low price of the speaker has an impact on some details, like this one: don't expect miracles! With a very attractive value for money, we strongly recommend these speakers to all home studio owners and music fans who want high-quality equipment but have a limited budget. We’re proud to spread knowledge and ideas across our community and help them expand their network. Obviously, in a small to medium size studio, space is a limitation and you might have to find a compromise between the size of your speakers and how good their frequency translation would be. Forums. On "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," the brass sound is tinier with the ADAMs and we noticed the same basic differences as on the other songs. With the launch of the new AX Series, which replaced the previous budget A Series, ADAM extended its range adding two new speaker sizes: the big A8X with an 8.5" woofer (tested by MattKorma) and the small A3X we want to review today.Considering the very affordable price of the speaker (less than $300 on the street) the question arises of whether the A3X … Plus, the speakers have some very practical details like the front power switch and the stereo link function. Just take the few flaws of the A3X into account to avoid unpleasant surprises when mixing. So Adam Audio T5V, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $350 Adam Audio A3X, as seen on the chart below. The low-frequency response is very powerful, considering their size, and the X-ART tweeter produces a very detailed sound. Considering the very affordable price of the speaker (less than $300 on the street) the question arises of whether the A3X is worthy of its family or not. I have acoustic foam behind the A3X's but thats all I did to my room. A3X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series. Adam Audio A3X is a well-known and one of the most expensive options. An active vertical 2-way design, the versatile A3X … Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. On the other hand, it is a bit lighter, which will be an advantage for mobile home studio owners with fragile shoulders. However, you'll have to protect the woofer during transportation because it has no protection grill. Regarding details in the mix (like reverb decays), both speakers sound alike while the Focals score higher on stereo imaging. On Gorillaz's "Feel Good," the drum kick is drier with the Focals, while the megaphone effect of Damon Albarn's voice seems a bit exaggerated with the ADAMs. It is an active nearfield monitor. The ride … I decided to write an ADAM A3X Review since I have been using it myself. Yes, what used to be a dream is now reality thanks to the small A3X equipped with a 4.5" woofer and the German manufacturer's famous ribbon tweeter. The speaker is not magnetically shielded so watch out if you still use an old CRT monitor. After some research, I'm considering these: Adam F5, Adam A3x and Focal Alpha 50. View Single Page. The electric guitars in the middle of the song sound a bit more like a "bee nest" with the ADAMs. Precision ADAM Monitoring for Home and Pro Studios. After connecting the A3X, the sound produced by such small speakers really impressed us. The monster bass in this song reveals that the ADAMs can deliver a wider lower end, however the bass does sound more precise and has a more "intelligible" attack with the CMS 40.

adam a3x review

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