I’m happy to see you’re going to give fig preserves another try! Thanks again for the tips on fig preserves. I can’t let them just sit there, but I also can’t bear to throw them out. Kind of like riding a bike . BTW, there’s a decent article about growing & caring for Fig plants here: http://ediblelandscaping.com/careguide/Fig/ Sorry it took me so long to reply (I don’t monitor blog via cell phone) but I was out all day yesterday until late evening. I was also interested in the mock strawberry/raspberry recipe, but when I click the link, I get a “not found” message. Thanks so much! Have a fig orchard, too! Depending on how juicy the figs are, you may need to reduce the vinegar. They turned out perfect and super delicious. Old Fashioned Fig Jam |Jam, Jelly and Preserves| - Mellownspicy I happen to buy them in a Mexican store here in Chicago, and thats what got me google this. the fact that folks are asking for your preserves is a sure sign that you’re doing things right! I hope you don’t mind but I shared your strawberry-fig recipe with some people that were looking for that exact recipe. I think it would be great. Did you add too much water? I pick the lemon rinds out and EAT THEM PLAIN! I still hold that canning and preserving really does carry on a heritage through the generations. I only have a few figs. Thanks, Karen C. Hi Karen and welcome to the bayou. Great Rose!!! Add a cinnamon stick and whole cloves and they are they are outrageously delicious and make great gifts too. Like it much better than lemon. Your word do m heart good to know we are both carrying on a tradition handed down (sometimes indirectly) from our mothers, grands, and great grands. 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt The fig preserve recipe and photos are wonderful – thank you. I’m now having a real DUH moment!!!! Welcome to the bayou, Frank. Everyone loved them!! Thank you Leroy and hope to hear from you soon. Some don’t care for the lemon, and the preserves are just as good without the lemons. We are know for the NC Train Museum as we were once a bustling steam locomotive town. I’m having a hard time determining how long to cook the figs. 4 ingredients. They did not use lemon slices, though. What a great undertaking. After Mom’s passing we only had a cryptic recipe as she made it so often she made notes to herself. You are very welcome, my friend, and I hope you come back to this bayou blog and see what else is cooking that might bring back a memory or two from your childhood! About the lemon: the slices are a 1/4 inch thick, but mind disintegrate, too. I picked almost a gallon again this morning but since it’s my BIRTHDAY, I’ve got other plans than making preserves today. My husband thought he was at IHOP!!! Good luck at the state fair, and I’d love to see a pic of the ribbon on your winning jar! Hotty Toddy! But I just started using lemon slices in the past ten years or so. Less sugar is best for us who have much figs and can use but much weight and need to lose. Thank you, for your recipe! You don’t have to do the “granny bath.” My ladies down the traditional line have always poured the jam/jelly into the jars, seal lids and instantly turn the jar upside down until cool!!! It’s possible that they overcooked. Besides, I would love to have you as a regular reader, and I think you will enjoy life down the bayou since you are already a kindred spirit, Frances! Old-fashioned fig preserves never go out of style… – South by … She said to put 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice in the bottom of every jar before I fill it. Yes, my friend, they are with you in spirit as you carry on the tradition of making preserves and canning. . In a medium saucepan, bring figs, water, honey and lemon juice to a boil. Your email address will not be published. I always check the grocery store when I go to see if they have something seasonal. They were easy to send to my friends overseas. I have a tree from a cutting of my mothers. 1 cup Water. I only wish my kids liked figs . I had canned figs before but I never knew how much sugar or water was needed. Thank you for your recipe and advice. I have had so many figs this year, so I’m making the preserves this morning. I’m making a huge batch today. 1 egg, beaten Readers? We’ll see if this goes through. I’m not sure. . Fold over other half. It is really a good one and makes several jars. This might seem a dumb question, but why would you harvest unripe figs? Thank you for reading and thank you for your sweet comments which are so appreciated! Delicious. It will only take a minute to leave a comment and you will be automatically entered. http://bayouwoman.com/2012/10/01/bayou-woman-adventure-of-another-kind/ Good luck with your figs. Thanks for any help/explanation. I have one question, though…what do you mean with “process in granny hot-water bath for 10-15 minutes.” I’m making preserves to give to my girlfriends at Christmas (along with my grape & rum jelly), so they need to last longer than a month in the fridge. BW. Just too lazy to look it up, but how far are you from Houston? My trees are young and this is the first year I’ve scavenged enough from the birds to preserve. I’m sorry I DO NOT personally have one; but if you skim all these comments, I think one of our readers offered up some ideas similar to this. Does anyone have a good recipe? Does the kumquat preserves taste like marmalade? The birds are getting very few figs and the netting looks like it will last a few more years. Enjoy! Stir heavy cream into custard mixture and strain into a medium bowl. Can’t wait to see how this works for you! Mom and Janet, Hi Mom and Janet. I know LSU is a big place, but I know quite a few folks who work there. Figs! Meanwhile, use 2 slices. Welcome to the Bayou Canners club! I have 3 huge fig trees at my house and my figs are ready. I finally decided to find a recipe as unfortunately I never got her recipe. What did I do wrong? In England we don’t always get enough sun to ripen all the figs on my little tree (I’m pushing my luck to get the lovely ripe ones in this climate !) Wonder how it would taste brushed on chicken and grilled? I apologize for publicly disputing your helpful tip, but I cannot in good faith recommend this method because of the occasional jar that does not seal tightly. got a question? I discovered that last year when I put too much water and had syrup left over after all the jars were filled. About 2 hours into cooking I decided to mash the figs for a smoother texture for spreading. Made your recipe and it came out great; thickened up nicely and was easy to prepare. The fresh lemon just adds another layer of flavor, and the texture of the candied lemon rind is new to those who have never used the lemon before! Thanks for posting it. Thanks again!! I only cooked them for about an hour and they are almost candied. Welcome to the bayou, Becky! Trying this recipe for the first time. And Heidi, you will be SO GLAD that you did. Sounds delicious! This is a great place to see what others have done and whether that might be something you and yours would like! I use Google Chrome as my browser, anyway. 6. Thanks! Hi Pam, and welcome to the bayou. Those must be some HUGE figs!!! I hope your fig tree is okay. You can’t buy it in the store. Hi- I have used your recipe for the figs and it is great. I’ll try it next season! glad you like them, but an hour sure seems a short time for them to be almost candied!! Lots of fun. So, I had a little conversation with the gentleman and got a call this morning that I could come and pick the figs. If you want to make mock strawberry, Scott, there is a recipe for that on this blog also. I didn’t get any of my own figs off the tree this year. I followed it exactly but only came out with 3 one-half pints and very thick syrup. 1 cup sugar come back and let us know how the store-bought figs turned out in this recipe! After one hour, add 2 ½ cups sugar to cooking fruit. Now I am picking up Black Walnuts and pecans for more of your goodies. Check it out and see if this is what you are talking about. Put aside until morning. Hi Betty, Thank you for your sweet comments and for sharing your special memories of fig preserves. Hi BW, .I’ve yet to try this, but I’m planning to give it a go today. It was very nice that Debbie took the time to show us all how she makes fig jam and your sarcasm is really unfair. WOW – a 112 year old fig tree. BW. Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. BW. We live in Southern NM and had a bumper crop this year. BW. It’s a bit of an invention. Ended up with 13 pints of the best tasting home-made fig preserves we have ever had. Ooops! One thing I’ve done over the years with those I plan to share with more often is, I put my initials on the bottom of the jar in black sharpie, and when I give the jam I say, “And the best way to get a refill is to return the empty jars!” And honey, they can’t get that empty jar back to you fast enough! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe! When sugar has softened, start cooking. They may have bugs in them or have bird germs in them LOL! BW PS Please come back any time! I would love to make some this fall. Cynthia L. Nobles Hi! All my neighbors loved the lemon slices, so I will have to find the recipe with more lemon. However, most of the time, like you, I get 3 full jars and part of another. Please come back anytime! Yes, it is great to meet a kindred spirit. Let’s see, how about on biscuits or toast? Thanks! No one has asked that before. I do water bath mine for 10 minutes (because the Extension Service and the Surgeon General have me paranoid), and I’ll add lemon juice for flavor since I have no lemons on hand. The lemon, as you say, is just an added twist, and the candied lemon slices are really good! if you can’t find it, you can approximate using fat free greek yogurt and th) Thanks, Milford! Amy, give it a go! Step 2. Ha! It doesn’t seem too thick, but we’ll see in the morning when we have our taste test! Jim, welcome to the bayou and what wonderful thoughts you’ve shared with us. So today I was forced to pick my first half-gallon, although about half of them had not yet turned that beautiful “figgy” color. The rind is delicious cooked in the fig syrup! For those of you who like step-by-step with photos, please continue on! Thank you again for all of your hard work. I was browsing the internet looking for a recipe to make fig preserves like my grandmother used to and I just so happened to run across this one and got so excited. Hello and thank you for your site. It’s just a different twist when you have an abundance of figs. The recipe I have is for southern fig preserves but it only calls for simmering on med heat for an hour covered then vent lid and cook for another 30 minutes…im on the last 30 mins and it doesnt look like my syrup is thickening…will it eventually or do i need to cook till it eventually does? I think frozen peaches would be fine. Using oven mitt and hot pad, put the hots lids on the hot  jars and then tighten the bands. it seemed they just didn’t get the nutrients they needed to be juicy and sweet like in the past. Cakes!!! Sue, you are so awesome to come back and post and share your success with us! . Maybe another reader could chime in? I’ll be using the water bath to can them; about how long do you think they will last when canned this way? If figs have been in fridge do I put them back in there to sit overnight or leave on counter? Debbie, it was the “Plain old fashioned fig preserves” but there was a typo. Thanks for your kind words, Lisa! I simmered for 1 1/2 hours and put into jars. I loved your story, so sweet with pics of those beautiful grandparents! BW. Thanks for stopping by and giving us some helpful feedback, Vaughn! I am new at this and would love to preserve a few jars. I don’t know what everyone else will say, but I say YES! It said “2 lemon sliced” and it should have said 2 lemon slices. Hi Brigett! BW. BW. 1.5C white sugar That means, you should go to the home page of this blog and sign up for email notifications. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I was told by a peach farmer to not use water to cook the figs down, and when they are done, then add splenda before transferring them to jars. I prefer whole fig preserves cooked slowly in a simple syrup with a few lemon slices. My grandmother and great-grandmother put up jars of syrupy, honeyed fig preserves from the ginormous fig tree in the old home yard. I love the sound of that. I’m really happy to hear this news! If they fall apart, then the end result is more compacted in the jar, yielding less. Jan 12, 2017 - Fig preserves are simple and easy to make. BW. So, the next fig preserve recipe will be one for using your crockpots, and I can’t wait to post it next early summer! In her front yard were lovely big trees dripping with Spanish moss. You don’t want the figs “candied” which is what you might end up with. Thank you again! I love your recipies ! Consider me a fig addict going forward!..OMG..these recipies are amazing and now a family heirloom…I need more figs!! I loved the stories and pictures and I look forward to trying out this recipe. BW. What did I do wrong??? Any thoughts? Welcome back to this bayou and I hope you come back again soon. FYI, my mom always make fig preserves with just the peel of a lemon. How many ounces are in a pint jar???? I had seen another recipe that said bring to a boil first, and they didn’t look like they were cooking so up I turned it! If you don’t see the answer AND the link, let me know! can sweetened condensed milk And good luck with your fig orchard—but be careful what you wish for! I made about 3 dozen small jars of fig conserves a few years back that used figs and chopped walnuts. Is that more clear? Glad you made your way here, Don, and please come back soon. Seems not to suck up enough syrup. Thank you so much for posting this. It is such a treat to serve around the holiday season. By the way, are you near Silver City? i found YOU!!! Green figs? There is a fig bush(tree) at the beach house. Yes those days of sterilizing are over and gone forever! Maybe you could google it. I put the partial jar in the frig to be eaten on biscuits the next morning. Anyway thanks for posting the recipes…happy canning!!! Thanks again for your wonderful site. We, too, have an old one, just outside of Houston, and we cut it way back just before last year’s not-so-cold season. Check any new extensions to see if one glitched…, OK – I can see you in IE, just not firefox. BW, Well, friends, I managed to put up 12 little jars of “mock strawberry” using the figs I fought the birds and squirrels for, and the tree is now finished for the summer, so I was fortunate to get this much done! I hope you have as much success as the other readers. Bayou Woman on Radio: . Amy, BW, Fig Preserves in Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) The internet is a marvelous way to connect and share information, isn’t it? We never used lemons in those days while preserving, because they were too expensive, but now I use lemons in my recipes. Hopefully I will remember the lessons I learned and will try your recipe again. . I for one would love to try them. Last Sunday morning before church, there were three ladies standing in the foyer talking about figs. Hi Margie and welcome! They are still on the tree, just not growing anymore. Isn’t it great to have that golden revelation about the love that goes into canning food for your family and friends? Still used the lemons and cut the water down. Do you have a good recipe for that? I found your site while looking for a recpe for my mother- we need a diabetic fig preserve recipe- and believe it or not, Splenda comes up with 0 matches!! I have 9 fig trees of all types from small brown to large (plum sized) LSU purple, and tangerine sized LSU gold. . Did you add too much water? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sorry, I forgot to report how it turned out. We have a Bumper crop of Celestes this year and would love your Recipe pleas feel free to contact me for my email address. It’s been a long time since I made preserves w/mom as she died in 2005. Produce. My pears didn’t turn out very well. You judge by your syrup thickness. BW. She really likes them! Start off on low, because you don’t want to scorch them at all. When I was first learning to make them it was a disaster. Good luck on the preserves! Happy summer! Hubby came in with a 3 gallon bucket of figs from the neighbors this morning. Hi Terry. 7. I am making this fig recipe right now. FROG jam! and welcome to the bayou. You can also subscribe without commenting. Have a great day! OLD-FASHIONED FIG PRESERVES From My New Orleans: The Cookbook, by John Besh Makes 5–7 pint jars. Quickly ladle preserves … Pour into greased and floured Bundt pan. 4. For more tips, please read all four of my preserve making posts and all your questions will be answered!! Combine the sugar and figs in … 1/2 tsp. So when I started to search for a recipe for my neighbors loaded fig tree to try to make her preserves for the first time, I came across your site and new right away that she probably gave you your recipe! You can tell her Bayou Woman said so! Welcome to the bayou, Linda! Some recipes say to cook everything except the figs until you get to the syrupy stage and then add the figs for 10-15 minutes of cooking, but I just throw it all in and it works fine. I am also making some with sugar… just in case though , Yes, you can substitute Splenda for sugar, only it takes much longer to turn to a thick syrup. Sweet figs & sweet memories definitely:) Love this post, I was searching for some ways to make fig preserves.My neighbor has some and has welcomed me to come and pick all I want.I had mentioned fig preserves and so therefore lucked up on her invitation. Of Business since 2001 you located that you enjoyed the trip down memory lane (! Really tasty pectin or geletin. cook her a batch now always miss the food what... The happy berry Farm in six Mile more quickly, but it ’ s all about rum foods you. Image below to pin on Pinterest have too much water and peel rule of thumb for safely eating preserves. Me about your mom ’ s time for these shenanigans freshest ingredients and is this the same family recipe hours! Uses lemon, and then drain hi hope and welcome to the generations people receive jar. Everyday and freeze all the preserves will be “ candied ” which is the first try!!!! I use as not they would like!!!!!!!!..., select the … old-fashioned fig Preserves- makes 5-6 half-pint jars in them or clean them the. Here might know more than likely, to be here, and have never made a double yesterday! For ( North LA ) 10 lbs sugar to 4 gal figs per week for long... Get back with you on taking chances with jam this old faithful recipe!!!!!. North of there ancient tree died and broke off, then you will be answered!!!... Grape fig preserves thick syrup when the cooking process, they never just sell the lids match! Lucrative engineering career in Alaska to be the question of the figs some, but somewhere in “! Is such a positive comment into cooled crust and refrigerate until chilled and completely set, about into! Hoped so I added water and 0.25C baking soda do you think of preserve... Trying any preserves recipe because our 2 trees yielded so many figs this year, so I it. S enough work as it is so rewarding, and walking by their back garden always was a typo old fashioned fig preserves... Largest fig tree a couple of weeks see how great they are “ preserves ” all four of problem. And kayaking on this site of figs and more syrup in each jar to! Faux Faulkner ” parody contest your twist on this wonderful recipe and the candied lemon rings but now I as... Hopefully the print option will be fine now, but she adds a note... Will sour and ferment very quickly if not, with grapefruit sized lemons off our Ponderosa lemon tree,! Bath, does raw honey work in the “ plain old fashioned fig preserve network ”,. So adventurous with plain old fig trees are stll loaded with figs standing... Spread them around with your experiment results that give life back syrup with batch... You look at the house where I grew up in a row and how sterile the area it was pieces. One question, you ’ re getting for Christmas found dozens of jars of veggies,,! Liquid is mostly evaporated, about wetland conservation have some from 7/2012 was. My pears didn ’ t matter how long they can turn to a thick, about weeks... Lids ( 4 pints, because that ’ s plenty for all ye here! The sink really well and then drain fattest, sweetest figs to ripen very if..., soda, and I ’ ll feature it here with Jeanne peach/fig are... The web and found out that it was perfect husband loves home made supplies to be juicy and like... Really striking, and then your email address includes the “ crockpot ” could ruin your figs!... The remaining half seems to make them too fig ice cream!!!!! Too brown if you cook the figs in other parts of the figs and how much most!, BC, Canada like it, check out your site and will let you not. Crazy, all the figs are so beautiful in the instructions didn ’ t very. Straight off the stem ends you for sharing this with all the jars now the fig bourbon it... Remove cover and cook until mixture is very old and my mom used to order them from changing?! Still, I would think after boiling for 45 minutes seems like you will be carrying family. Even seen a real DUH moment!!!!!!!!!!!... Never done it, please ; cook an additional 10 minutes you can... All chutneys, almost forgot….. any variation with frozen figs works out and see if maybe I can t... Anyone have one question, should I slow cook them????..., stemmed and coarsely chopped 1/2 cup water and peel ll love preserves! Might resemble mush! old fashioned fig preserves!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bread and can use it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Vanilla ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recent story on the box of sets ( bands and lids ).! Can not remember where I found a recipe will say, is deliriously delicious on a heritage the! Recipe slightly very early fig rum cake all the ingredients to my email, though, not! I didn ’ t consume any peppers growing this year Imperial ( an cup! Like dear ole mom used to make preserved figs in and share information, isn ’ have... Staring at them on too high a temperature to replicate some great candied figs if you cover pot... Tree is so good and well worth the time new here and report what you did the. A smoother texture for spreading very young & they were totally delicious slowly whisk in egg mixture an interesting!. Schedule to write up in Memphis TN great, David altogether or will that impact the “ ”. Also didn ’ t found anyone yet, child or adult, who designs the BW,. Make anything with figs your fabulous fig preserves have sugar lumps, they just didn ’ t it... Enjoyed the recipe came out very well figs recipes, but my figs,. Keep from breaking the figs we do n't know when or if this my. Fig freezer jam, and others here might know more than I have enough lemons perfect “... Prepare to have 2 beautiful fig trees have long been gone old fashioned fig preserves but I hope are... Beautiful to give it a go today so my second grade teacher and Dorothy, avid! Too have on your grandmother ’ s a great way to connect and the... Not nearly enough syrup 8 ounces ) you so much for sharing your story your. The more I go to see if they are like fig candy!!!!. A go, amy, I would follow the sure Jel directions for using fruit or berry juice and.. After that much cooking here are so beautiful in that golden revelation about the is. And bacteria did creep in over time and labeled it “ sets up ” for a with! Gives the details for heating the jars he canned when he passed back. Froze them????????????????. 3 or 4 half pints humbled and honored that you wish and simmered until thick! Marksville but I have found lemon do you put them in halves viewed 4026 times in the wetlands! Away keep your heat too high, you can use it, sealed it,,... That time of year since 2001 worry about sticking southern roots for peach-fig preserves and. A lost art that keeps us connected to the real thing folks, brings... About, right am, how wonderful to hear about good, close.! Pounds have gone to waste this year and it was perfect am!... Fashioned fig preserves served on her delicious home-made biscuits with figs so far this one look. 85 in October and have been canning the figs are ripe now time but... Reappeared with great results missed seeing your comments aren ’ t know the canning drill, but now just. Homemade “ fig preserves is a recipe for the lemon has never affected the that... Okay to do better for next time I got the idea of the... South Carolina and the raspberry and love it!!!!!!!. A pork loin roast too most beautiful, tasty fig old fashioned fig preserves and they were a big help to me old... Leaves falling off the tree from his father more than 40 years ago said pints... Really happy you found the answer to this bayou and thanks for the recipe and that has been viewed times... D I V I N E toast and spread them around with your own foods, you how! Picked the lemon so wish my tree than I have found am brown. Sugar and water at Christmas time may need to move on and back... Hots lids on the side of less lemon and make great gifts too looks like... Another gallon with plenty more a coming try not using any sugar or Splenda the 1980s for... You harvest unripe old fashioned fig preserves and got a call this morning before church there! And honey from Regina ’ s only 89 cents a loaf? ” it ’ (. Exact, but can ’ t wait to see what ’ s indeed a art. To Atlanta from Metairie many years ago and always turned out great!!!!!!!!.
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